Gun Glow- glow in the dark gun sight paint installation

Dot Sight Installation

"U" shaped sight installation

Gun Glow planning for installation

Step 1

Develop your plan for installation.  Are you going to do dot sights, paint your entire rear sight or a "U" shaped rear sight? You can apply Gun Glow without tape and move the paint as it sets up; however, this will give you a professional look and takes less than a minute.

Gun Glow 5 ml and 10 ml of glow in the dark gun sights paint

Step 2

Shake Gun Glow vigorously for a 60-90 seconds to distribute pigment evenly.  This step is critical to ensure a a successful installation.  When you open, ensure the dropper tip is clear and paint with no pigment is not suspended in the tip.

Tools required for installation

Step 3

Gather the necessary tools to paint your sights:
• Gun Glow - glow in the dark gun sight paint
• Paper towel
• Depending on your sights, you may need a hobby knife or small stick to shape
• A vice grip or other tool to hold your gun in one position
• Latex or latex free gloves (not necessary as soap and water will wash away Gun Glow from your hands)
• Gun Glow will stain your clothes

Cleaning the gun in preparation for installation of sights paint

Step 4

Using the paper towel and a small amount of rubbing alcohol, clean and remove oil and soot from your gun sights to improve adhesion

Glow in the dark sights paint on rear sight

Step 5

Ensure your Gun Glow has been sitting upright, rap on table to ensure nozzle is clear and Gun Glow is at room temperature (this will prevent temperature differences from pushing Gun Glow from the applicator tip.)Place a small drop on your gun sights for dot sights or implement as you have planned-squeeze gently.Asses your installation, is it even, if your sights are indented, you may wipe the excess away; however, more Gun Glow, glow in the dark sight paint will result in faster charge times and enhanced glow.

Gun Glow, glow in the dark gun sights paint storage information

Step 6

Clean exterior of nozzle, replace cap and rap on table to clear dropper tip-ensure dropper tip is clear of paint. Check that nozzle is clear for long term storage. If necessary clear with the end of a paper clip, in general a few swift raps on a hard surface will clear the dropper tip

Gun sights glowing after installation

Step 7

After 30 minutes, your paint should be dry to the touch and cured in 48 hours.  After 48 hours, you may want to coat with clear nail polish or super glue to provide a good surface for cleaning

Gun Glow 5 ml

Step 8

Long term storage-Keep Gun Glow in a cool place, with a stable temperature and out of the sun