Why Gun Glow?


Gun Glow, the best glow in the dark gun sight glow paint

The brightest, most concentrated and fastest charging (with LED or sunlight) glow in the dark gun sight paint available.  Others claim to be the brightest, but Gun Glow is the brightest glow in the dark pistol sight paint available on the market

Improved target acquisition in low light conditions

An inexpensive alternative for night sights

An acrylic medium developed from the ground up and specifically chosen for its ability to adhere to smooth surfaces (including metal and plastic), support the glow in the dark material and allow for easy application

Safe: non-flamable, non-radioactive, no heavy metals

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Easy application

Easy dropper tip application makes painting your gun sights easy; no sticks, straight from the bottle- easy

One coat installation, no need for additional layers

The most complicated installations take less than 15 minutes

Dry to touch in 30 minutes, fully cured in 24-48 hrs

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Key advantages

Glow develops faster, stays brighter longer when charged with an LED light and lasts for hours when compared to the competitors

Improves sight visibility in low and no light conditions

We offer over 2 times as much paint as our competitor-put Gun Glow, glow in the dark gun sight paint on every gun, your fishing  tackle, car keys, flashlights

Easy application, no messy sticks

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